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OFFICEABCSigne (459) est un astéroïde découvert en 1900 par Max Wolf

What’s the idea behind your printed poster ?
We wished to study space archeology (space of the exhibition, space of the exhibition room or rather of its chamber, space of the poster, etc.) and discoveries. In the same way as « every wreck in our reach must be considered a precipitate of our desire » (Breton), Kunstkammer’s project is a way of redefining these discoveries, of uniting them in one sculptured and diserable image. A notebook, more literally a diary, completes our poster. Reading it should not give an explanation to the project but the two are to be bound. The diary is a discursive continuation of scraps and potential trails.Eventually, you could almost imagine this poster actually becoming the very precipitate, a cristal as it were…

What turns you on, as a graphic designer, in other words, what inspires you?
Whenever possible, we really enjoy collaborating with intriguing people. We’re very curious of unexpected collisions and influences: in a way something close to the Kuleshov effect…

Who are your heroes?
Today Georges Didi-Huberman. Yesterday Alphonse Darlu. Fictively Ferdinand Griffon and the Silver Surfer.

Could you give us your definition of a good design in a few words?
« Une affaire de goût » and « Une étrange Affaire » perhaps…

The silkscreen printed posters designed by Åbäke, Karl Nawrot, Manuel Raeder, Mathias Schweizer, OfficeABC and Metahaven for the Manystuff show at 12mail are for sale : 120×175cm / 10 ex by poster only / 100€. contact :

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