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Metahaven – Transaction Record (Wau Holland Foundation)

What’s the idea behind your printed poster ?
In making our contribution to Kunstkammer, for us the main inspiration came from the idea that the poster is actually for sale. Half of the funds raised per poster will be donated to WikiLeaks, through its intermediary, the Wau Holland Foundation. By designing the poster as a ‘Transaction Record’, we invite the buyer to acknowledge this relationship. The poster/’artwork’ from the Kunstkammer becomes the record an authorization of the transaction.

What turns you on, as a graphic designer, in other words, what inspires you ?
Art. Nature. Fiction. Politics. People who are passionate, and good at what they do.

Who are your heroes?
Too many to mention.

Could you give us your definition of a good design in a few words?
Good design is what survives time.

The silkscreen printed posters designed by Åbäke, Karl Nawrot, Manuel Raeder, Mathias Schweizer, OfficeABC and Metahaven for the Manystuff show at 12mail are for sale : 120×175cm / 10 ex by poster only / 100€. contact :

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