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Manuel Raeder – Waly Salomão, PAN CINEMA PERMANENTE, for  Carlos Nader

What’s the idea behind your printed poster ?
The cobbler shouldn’t rise above the height of his sandals
- so the Latin saying goes
May the cobbler then go down to the sole
When the sole becomes a screen
Where shown and glued
is the life of asphalt below.

What turns you on, as a graphic designer, in other words, what inspires you ?
Looking around me, seeing and being a human being on this planet and still strongly believing that we able to change many things that are really going wrong on this planet. Also talking and exchanging ideas and conversations with friends and family is a great inspiration that I’m thankful for everyday.

Who are your heroes?
I don’t have one particular hero, there are so many people in this world that have achived amazing things. Usually I’m more astonished by people that achive something on a very small scale and through that  have had a greater impact on larger things. For example at this moment I’m reading a book by Julio Cortazar and I’m amazed by simply trying to follow his ideas and how he used words and writing as a medium.

Could you give us your definition of a good design in a few words?
The objects or things that I encounter that amaze me the most usually, have a variety of line of thought integrated, definitely are not a solution to a problem but do get you and me to disagree, are almost nothing, engage it’s own economy and production tools in an intelligent way, are simple, are derived from it’s own content, clumsy, not definable, open up new ways of reading, and asks questions and also needs to be a bit shity.

The silkscreen printed posters designed by Åbäke, Karl Nawrot, Manuel Raeder, Mathias Schweizer, OfficeABC and Metahaven for the Manystuff show at 12mail are for sale : 120×175cm / 10 ex by poster only / 100€. contact :

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