what do you keep from your teenage years ?

We asked the artists involved in the JSBJ show what they kept from their teenage years, here are the answers (words, pictures, videos, sounds) :

Nous avons demandé aux artistes impliqués dans l’expo JSBJ ce qu’ils gardaient de leurs années d’adolescence, voici leurs réponses sous forme d’images, de mots et de sons :

SASHA KURMAZ – www.homer.org.u
I keep interest in illegal painting on walls.

GRANT CORNETTwww.grantcornett.com
I’d say i keep and carry around disturbing memories that give me constant amusement.

DMYTRIJ WULFFIUS – http://forgottenold.blogspot.com
Here is a song which i liked from a teenage age.

I think this song is really transfer me to my teenage years.

This is a song of russian rock group Ногу Свело (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nogu_Svelo!)

This song like a DADA art – dont tell nothing – this is only experiment with language.

Ногу Свело – Хару Мамбуру by 12mail

TRAVESS SMALLEY – www.travesssmalley.com

ANDREAS BANDERAS – www.andreasbanderas.com

FLEMMING OVE BECH – http://flemmingovebech.com
Here is my answer with two youtube videos. Moving house a few years back I decided it was time to get rid of my cd collection. However, when I found the two albums that started said collection I simply had to hold on to them. The memory of being at the record section of the department store with my mum that day in 1993 and picking out these two very disparate titles is still very clear to me.

BRIAN KHEK – http://briankhek.comr

SAMUEL FRANCOIS – www.samuelfrancois.com

VINCENT KOHLER - www.vincentkohler.ch
1991, me and my family

ANN WOO – www.annwoo.com
Songs from two of my favorite singers, one is Michael Jackson and another is a Chinese woman called Teresa Tang.

DANIEL EVERETT – www.daniel-everett.com
Most of my optimism and a portion of my anxiety.

SANTIAGO MOSTYNwww.santiagomostyn.com

JASON NOCITO – http://jasonnocito.com
All my old Hard Cored / punk records and zines!

ISRAEL LUND - http://israellund.tumblr.com
An overriding hatred for authority.

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