MANYSTUFF interview #3 : Åbäke

Åbäke - Victoria and alferD: Mammals

What’s the idea behind your printed poster ?
The Victoria & Alferd Museum is a growing collection of artefacts, objects, stories, existing or imagined. The idea was born from a few facts: the generally undisputed legitimacy of the museum institution, despite its young age and numerous mistakes. The geo-political aspect of its own importance, the relying to colonialism or worse religious « rights » in order to constitute a history of the winner’s world. Our collection, however, starts from the modest details of preserved mistakes, rather than revisionism. We do not see space (storage?), money (acquisition, conservation?), fiction, geography, time or any material parameter as an obstacle to the connection we propose. Enjoy the visits.

What turns you on, as a graphic designer, in other words, what inspires you ?
Mistakes, eccentricity and being able to realise one is wrong.

Who are your heroes?
Heroes are dangerous and one usually prefers dead ones as they cannot disappoint anymore.

Could you give us your definition of a good design in a few words?
Definition is perhaps too much but one criteria is bizarre-ness, especially to one’s own aesthetic and conceptual tastes.

The silkscreen printed posters designed by Åbäke, Karl Nawrot, Manuel Raeder, Mathias Schweizer, OfficeABC and Metahaven for the Manystuff show at 12mail are for sale : 120×175cm / 10 ex by poster only / 100€. contact :

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